Is work really necessary?

The dreaded time has come. . . I’ll be returning to work soon. Too soon in my opinion but what can I do about it? I, unfortunately, do not have the luxury to be able to stay at home with my child any longer. So after 5 amazing months bonding with my Penny, it’s time to reenter the working world. Sigh, I just rolled my eyes so hard it hurt by the way.

It’s not that I’m not craving the company of others, quite the opposite in fact, it’s just that I’m not ready to leave her. I may be being a bit clingy? Hahaha. In any case we’ve been trying to get Penny used to being with just daddy but she’s been fighting it. After all that time with me being the primary caregiver, she’s not sure how to handle being with him alone I think. I need them to get used to being alone with each though so every night I’ve been spending a little more time with my sister-in-law Mai. Mom and my sisters message me some times telling me how Penny is hysterical but I fight the urge to run to her. They’re still a bit nervous around each but it’s getting there. The other night Peter was warming up a bottle for her and when he checked it, some steam fell from the bottle and landed on her leg essentially burning her. Instead of panicking and calling me like he usually did, Peter dealt with it. He managed to calm her down, feed her, and get her to sleep all on his own. When I came he told me all about it while hurriedly putting on his shoes on though because, you know, after that ordeal he needed a smoke… my poor guy.

Bless his poor little heart, he felt so horrible but I think he handled it like a pro. I think they’ll be fine. I think he’s more than capable of taking care of his own daughter. I think after the surgery both Penny and I became a bit clingy with each other but can you blame me? I dare anyone not to become clingy after their 5 week old has to have surgery. But anyways, this is going to happen. I know this. They’re going get used to each and be awesome. I also know this. I’m just not ready… I’m not ready!


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