Mommy’s sweetpea.

I never knew that I could love another human being this much. I know I’ve used this phrase one too many times in the last two years but it rings true. It’s just, when I said it about the Boy, I never imagined one day I’d be thinking it while watching our baby girl sleep.

This little girl, man she drives me crazy at times. She cries and screams bloody murder, throws tantrums over nothing, and at times will take the pacifier/BunBun after the fifth try as if I was holding it ransom this whole time. She’s crazy at times, can be horribly mean to daddy when mommy isn’t around, and is simultaneously fascinated and perplexed by her fur brother. She leaves mommy so sleep deprived some days that I can barely see straight. And I love her with every ounce of my being. I am continuously amazed by this little human. How is she so smart? So sweet? So happy? So beautiful? I just want to hold her all her life even while begging for a break. She’s everything right in life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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