Crocheting Project!

In a bid to be more productive and to challenge myself I’ve started a small crocheting project.  After making the first few for Penny I went back and looked up as many as I could then made a list.  I ended up with about 40 that I wanted to try out but realized that Penny could not keep them all. Can you imagine 40 of these cuties all over your house?  Awesome in theory but trying to find room/a place for each one would have driven me crazy.  So instead I decided to start this project and give each of the participating kids a free stuffie from my list.  I went through my phone and Facebook contacts, and picked a handful of gals (and their kids) that I thought would mesh well with my list of stuffies aka amigurumi.  I emailed them asking if they’d like to participate in this project and if so to reply with a blurb describing their kid; their likes, dislikes, personality, favorite colors, animals, etc. .  Even though I knew these kids, I wanted to get a sense of who they were based on their momma’s description of them.  Once they replied I was able to go back to my list and match up with stuffies on there, and yeah I picked good ones.  With a few as soon as I read their blurb I automatically knew which one to make for them but with others I had to get a bit creative.  Regardless, I think they will all enjoy their little surprise.  I just finished my first one and it’s so damn cute that I just want to squeeze it forever.  I can’t wait to post about it but first a few finishing touches.  Ahhhh, I can’t wait to share.


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