#1 – Fluffy Unicorn

When I first started my list I knew that if I found the perfect person for it this rainbow unicorn would be the first one I would make.  It was just too damn precious not to add to my list. I had to make it!  Before I had even read through the post I said to myself, “It’s so fluffy! I just want to squeeze it forever and ever.”  Then when I started reading it and saw that it was inspired by the plushie Agnes wanted in Despicable Me, it just sealed the deal.  Ahhhhh, so fluffy!!!!

So one day I was talking to my Myra about my stuffies and started explaining about my idea for this project I had. I told her that I had her daughter Jilly in mind for one but when I asked about her favorite colors I changed my mind. The minute Myra replied with, “All colors. She’s a living rainbow,” I knew I had to make Fluffy the Unicorn for her.

After this conversation with Myra, I decided to go ahead with my project and figured out what to do next.  So I owe her a thanks for jump starting my project :D! Thanks babe :-* I wrote up the email, set up a google spreadsheet to keep track of everything, decided I would surprise the kid(s) and the mother by not telling them what I was making, researched researched researched (and still find myself having to), made a list of supplies and went shopping.  My fiancé, bless his heart, never complained once during the 3-4 trips each to Joann’s or Michael’s. Thanks babe :-* :-*:-*

Throughout the crocheting project I decided I’d send along a few pictures of it as it comes along.  Just a little poke to say I’m starting theirs and to tease a bit.  And I also tried to take picture throughout as it came together.  So here are a few pictures I’d like to share…

Teasing Myra….

prog coll copy

Progress pic for Instagram… (LOL)


Here’s the process of attaching everything…


Once everything is all attached….


The whole making of the unicorn while time consuming was very helpful and fun.  The tail and the mane scared me a bit because this was only the 7th stuffie I’d made, and I hadn’t tried either of these techniques before. The mane I picked up easily enough. The curlicues on the other hand I ended up looking at a few different ones before finally settling on this FIber Flux curlicue. They’re so adorable and easy to make that I know I’m going to try to use them again. All in all, I loved making this and I’m pretty damn proud of how close to the pattern it came out.  I’m definitely going to be making this one again but I think at a much smaller scale lol.

Jilly. All colors. She is a living rainbow. Is a crazy person. She’s every dichotomy in one. Would be ruthless vegetarian vampire. 😀

ji uf (1)


4 thoughts on “#1 – Fluffy Unicorn

  1. Incredible! Wow. Wow wow wow. (And Jillian will flip the heck out omg)

    You’re so crazy talented! I love that you’re using your vision to create and spread love.

    What a treasure you are to us. ❤

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