Back to reality.

Oh man, we just came back from vacation with my family and I have to repeat what my fiance said when we arrived home, “I need a vacation from vacation.”.  While I enjoyed seeing my family, introducing my fiance and our daughter to them, and reconnecting with my roots… it was so exhausting.  There was so much to do, and so many people to see, and so many people to keep happy that it just started feeling like a chore at some points.  But all in all I’d say it was a very successful trip. My Peter fell in love with my parents homes and families, he kept me happy and sane, and just reaffirmed even more that he’s the man I want to marry.  Our little love Penny was intrigued by anything and everything. She was such a joy to not only us but my parents and sister. Everyone enjoyed dotting on her and she loved the freedom.  She was such a little explorer and adventurer…. I just adore her with every fiber of my being. Here are a few pictures from our first family vacation :)!