#1 – Fluffy Unicorn

When I first started my list I knew that if I found the perfect person for it this rainbow unicorn would be the first one I would make.  It was just too damn precious not to add to my list. I had to make it!  Before I had even read through the post I said to myself, “It’s so fluffy! I just want to squeeze it forever and ever.”  Then when I started reading it and saw that it was inspired by the plushie Agnes wanted in Despicable Me, it just sealed the deal.  Ahhhhh, so fluffy!!!!

So one day I was talking to my Myra about my stuffies and started explaining about my idea for this project I had. I told her that I had her daughter Jilly in mind for one but when I asked about her favorite colors I changed my mind. The minute Myra replied with, “All colors. She’s a living rainbow,” I knew I had to make Fluffy the Unicorn for her.

After this conversation with Myra, I decided to go ahead with my project and figured out what to do next.  So I owe her a thanks for jump starting my project :D! Thanks babe :-* I wrote up the email, set up a google spreadsheet to keep track of everything, decided I would surprise the kid(s) and the mother by not telling them what I was making, researched researched researched (and still find myself having to), made a list of supplies and went shopping.  My fiancé, bless his heart, never complained once during the 3-4 trips each to Joann’s or Michael’s. Thanks babe :-* :-*:-*

Throughout the crocheting project I decided I’d send along a few pictures of it as it comes along.  Just a little poke to say I’m starting theirs and to tease a bit.  And I also tried to take picture throughout as it came together.  So here are a few pictures I’d like to share…

Teasing Myra….

prog coll copy

Progress pic for Instagram… (LOL)


Here’s the process of attaching everything…


Once everything is all attached….


The whole making of the unicorn while time consuming was very helpful and fun.  The tail and the mane scared me a bit because this was only the 7th stuffie I’d made, and I hadn’t tried either of these techniques before. The mane I picked up easily enough. The curlicues on the other hand I ended up looking at a few different ones before finally settling on this FIber Flux curlicue. They’re so adorable and easy to make that I know I’m going to try to use them again. All in all, I loved making this and I’m pretty damn proud of how close to the pattern it came out.  I’m definitely going to be making this one again but I think at a much smaller scale lol.

Jilly. All colors. She is a living rainbow. Is a crazy person. She’s every dichotomy in one. Would be ruthless vegetarian vampire. 😀

ji uf (1)


Crocheting Project!

In a bid to be more productive and to challenge myself I’ve started a small crocheting project.  After making the first few for Penny I went back and looked up as many as I could then made a list.  I ended up with about 40 that I wanted to try out but realized that Penny could not keep them all. Can you imagine 40 of these cuties all over your house?  Awesome in theory but trying to find room/a place for each one would have driven me crazy.  So instead I decided to start this project and give each of the participating kids a free stuffie from my list.  I went through my phone and Facebook contacts, and picked a handful of gals (and their kids) that I thought would mesh well with my list of stuffies aka amigurumi.  I emailed them asking if they’d like to participate in this project and if so to reply with a blurb describing their kid; their likes, dislikes, personality, favorite colors, animals, etc. .  Even though I knew these kids, I wanted to get a sense of who they were based on their momma’s description of them.  Once they replied I was able to go back to my list and match up with stuffies on there, and yeah I picked good ones.  With a few as soon as I read their blurb I automatically knew which one to make for them but with others I had to get a bit creative.  Regardless, I think they will all enjoy their little surprise.  I just finished my first one and it’s so damn cute that I just want to squeeze it forever.  I can’t wait to post about it but first a few finishing touches.  Ahhhh, I can’t wait to share.

Hello again. . .

I’m trying to slowly dip my feet back into the blogging world now that I have more free time.  I hope to start posting regularly and more than likely it’ll be about crocheting, my daughter Penny (and her cousins), my dog Logan, or the wedding I’m currently planning (wheeeeeeeee, I’m going to ramble so much!).  At times it may be about all four! Here’s my first post back. . .

When I first started to crochet it was with the intention of having something to occupy my hands. I had recently found out I was pregnant and had to quit smoking cold turkey. Idle hands and all, you know? 😀  I’d always wanted to try to crochet and what better time than when I was pregnant. It took me a bit to understand all the phrases and basic crochet, but after enlisting YouTube’s help I got the hang of it. I made my Boy a beanie, my niece Cali this adorable flowered hat, and finally my Penny some adorable booties. Unfortunately, about halfway through my pregnancy I developed carpal tunnel (shaking my fist like crazy here) and it became too much. I could barely manage a few rounds before the numbness of my fingertips made me give up.

But while I was able to I mastered the simple baby beanie/hat, I figured out booties and even bootie socks.  Penny even had a hat and matching booties as part of her coming home outfit. They were tiny and perfect just like her! Having to stop a new hobby just after starting it was horrible and made me sad but I  was able to pick it back up after having my Penny.  I made a few more hats and a few more booties but soon found out that my Penny was not a fan of the hats (again shaking my fist like crazy) so back to the drawing board. If I’m being honest it broke my poor wee heart a little LOL.  I’m hoping this winter will be a bit better but since she runs on the warm side I’m not holding my breath (serious eyerolling).

This was all fun and everything but I wanted to try something else. I’d run across amigurimi patterns before but they seemed entirely too complex for me so instead I focused back on hats.At this point though I’d mastered the basic double crochet beanie and used it as a base for character hats. I was able to make hats for nieces and nephews such as Iron Man or TMNT, and they loved them but I got bored. I attempted this Pixie hat but made it entirely too huge so I improvised and turned it into a hooded cowl. With this horrible heat starting so early though these items were completely unnecessary so once again I went back to the drawing board and that moved me back to amigurimi.

Like I said before, I’d run across all these patterns on YouTube, Ravelry, Pinterest and thought they were SO beyond adorable.  It seemed so complicated at first but with the practice I’d had I was able to figure it out. The first item I made was Lambert the Lamb/Sheep. He seemed a bit off but that was okay. I then made Stella the Penguin and she was just beyond precious. Then there was Elmer the Lion and Seabiscuit the Seahorse. .  I struggled a bit with attaching the pieces but I find the more I make, the easier it becomes. And I just fell in love. I’m in heaven making these little things. That fact that you make them in pieces helps too so it doesn’t seem so taxing. Anyone who knits or crochets may understand this but for me when I’m working the same round/row over and over again it just becomes so boring and well, taxing. It’s why I avoided making hats for adults, oops!  But with these little cuties it was so much easier making one piece at a time. I’ve found so many that I want to attempt and I’m having such a great time that I can’t wait to make more!