Rambly sorta update.

I’ve spent that last three weeks going crazy with wedding things. After a long and ย difficult bump in the road I decided I wasn’t going to let that bump dictate my life. I’m letting go, I’m moving on as it was suggested by many a person. ย And in the last three weeks we have booked a venue, decided on a tentative menu, chosen the wedding theme, picked our flowers, gotten a rough idea on what the centerpieces will look like, reached out and are researching DJs, picked the bridesmaid dress, and have gotten the Save the Dates rolling. I feel like I should pat myself on my back because damnit I’ve gotten a lot done. Go me! Next week we’re off on another little adventure so I think I can relax, at least on the wedding bits, and focus on that. It’ll be glorious and when we’re done I’ll do a nice little post about it. For now though I’m going to update on the crochet project I think while listening to wedding playlist. โค


Quick update!

For those few still following, I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Life simply got in the way. I’ve trying to do this project, get holiday orders out, plan a wedding, deal with friend drama, make time for family outtings, maintain a household and try not to go crazy all while running around after two very active toddlers. But new year brings new changes for growth. Or something. My head is fuzzy haha. Point being, I’m getting my ass in gear and planning planning planning. More updates soon!