To baby or not to baby…? Not. Just not.

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with my cute rollie pollie niece Mia and my boo Penny. She’s the cutest little thing and I love seeing them together. And I just wanted to squeeze her the whole day!  After I was asked to babysit I had this idea that we would have a little photoshoot and it was going to be so adorable! In reality we took a 2 hour nap and lazed about all day because they wore. me. out. Any thought the Boy had about adding to our little brood has been squashed, at least for me. Running after a toddler while trying to keep a newborn fed and calm is so not the business. And let me tell you that Mia is a sweet, calm little thing until she’s hungry.  Once she’s hungry, it’s over… she must be fed right. then.  Well, when you’re trying to fix lunch for a toddler who must also be fed right. then. it gets a little hectic. I’M COMING MIA! I’M COMING PENNY! HANG ON GIRLS, ALMOST READY!  O_O’

So. Yeah. Not ready to add to the brood. I have enough chasing my one plus the dog and the Boy. I’m just going to continue to do what I’ve been doing every time someone asks when the next one is coming…. make this face and laugh.