Rambly sorta update.

I’ve spent that last three weeks going crazy with wedding things. After a long and  difficult bump in the road I decided I wasn’t going to let that bump dictate my life. I’m letting go, I’m moving on as it was suggested by many a person.  And in the last three weeks we have booked a venue, decided on a tentative menu, chosen the wedding theme, picked our flowers, gotten a rough idea on what the centerpieces will look like, reached out and are researching DJs, picked the bridesmaid dress, and have gotten the Save the Dates rolling. I feel like I should pat myself on my back because damnit I’ve gotten a lot done. Go me! Next week we’re off on another little adventure so I think I can relax, at least on the wedding bits, and focus on that. It’ll be glorious and when we’re done I’ll do a nice little post about it. For now though I’m going to update on the crochet project I think while listening to wedding playlist. ❤